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By Mike Mercer Hot Skin “Hot skin” is a dangerous situation, where the outer surface of an RV becomes electrically charged. Improper grounding, reversed polarity, faulty wiring, and loose or worn electrical connections can all cause this type of problem. If the outside of an RV is electrically charged, someone who walks up, and reaches… Read more »

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Tips for Bringing Cats on Recreational Vehicle Trips By Mike Mercer Preparing Recreational Vehicles for Cat Travel It is estimated that nearly ten million U.S. households own recreational vehicles. For vacationers, a rolling home away from home can help with bringing along many of the creature comforts. And, for full timers an RV affords an… Read more »

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By Mike Mercer Packing for Trips in Motor Homes and Travel Trailers RV Cargo Weight Distribution Considerations When planning for an RV vacation trip, it is important to consider what items are really necessary, and try not to pack too much stuff. Keeping your RVs cargo load light, will not only improve the overall handling,… Read more »